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Dr.-Mitch-EgwangWith Tusker Project Fame 6 already here, it’s only fair that we get to meet the people behind it’s success. Part of this team is the talent Dr. Mitch who graces our TVs every weekend for the show and here are a few thing you ought to know about him.

Charismatic with a whimsical sense of humour, Dr. Mitch is the host all hosts across East Africa wish they were. Dr. Mitch (who is a doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a Diploma in Marketing)was a very verbose child (he says he didn’t cry very much, but it was all uphill from the day he learned to talk).

He was a part of his high school drama club from as early as Form 1. He parlayed his passion for performance and entertainment into an impressive resume including10 years on radio, TV appearances since 1998, hosting Deal or No Deal in South Africa and various high profile Master of Ceremony engagements.

Dr. Mitch also runs his own very successful marketing company in Uganda which has some very high profile clients. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Doctor is truly in!Dr.-Mitch-Egwang

Q: Who influences you / inspires you in your career?
A:I have so many influences for the various sides of my life. It varies, but each impact my life in many ways.

Q: Any pets?
A: Not yet but I plan to have some dogs… 3 dogs.

Q: Craziest thing that has ever happened to you in the business?
A: Well, the thing is, very many things can go wrong when you are hosting an event. But I can safely say it had to be the day when the black out at Tusker Project Fame 4 happened. The power went out and we were off air for about 67 minutes. It was tough. Oh, and the small microphone issue with Esther on Tusker Project Fame 3. That one was tough especially since it was my first day on the job. Esther muted the microphone before she went onto stage. It is a common mistake performers can make. But like the Dark Knight (laughs) I rode in and turned it on. I saved the day!

Q: Career highlights?
A: I would say CNN Africa Journalist of the Year Awards in 2010. I hosted that with IshaSesay.

Q: Any songs you are looking forward to hearing during the competition?
A: Not one particular song, but a genre. I would love to hear some reggae and dance hall.

Q: What words of wisdom do you have for the contestants as the go into the Academy?
A: Anyone going into the Academy is talented already. However, people will vote for you based on your interactions with the people in the Academy and the faculty. It is about character and personality. You must let your character and personality shine. They must stand up and stand out.

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